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Character introduction - WARLOCK (TAKESHI FUNAMIZU)

by May club 19 Jun 2017 0 Comments
Speaking of WARLOCK, you may be a little unfamiliar with it.
Let’s start with the well-known TOKYO INDIANS MC.
Gathering a group of enthusiasts who ride old Indian bikes in Japan
Led by four veterans, including Jiang Chuan, the owner of TROPHY, which we sell
And NEIGHBORHOOD island cuisine has
WARLOCK is also one of them. Currently, I own three old Indians.
The magazine with him as the cover in the picture above introduces a lot, let’s continue to introduce it.

Chuan Shui Meng has the soul of an old car. The first old car he bought at the age of 22 was a 1948 Harley PAN.
I dreamed of moving from Aomori to Tokyo, but I had to pay a car loan every month because of the financial difficulties. It can be said that I bought it with all my heart. I really love old cars.

After five years, it was replaced with an older 1947 Indian CHIEF.
It was also at this time that I met TROPHY, who also loves old Indian cars.

The car has been transformed through the hands of many celebrities over the years
LOVE EAR ART Later fuel tank chief head painting
In recent years, CHEETAH, one of the soul figures of TOKYO INDIANS, has assisted in maintenance.

Subsequently, Chuan Shuimeng also purchased PAN, but later replaced it with another CHIEF.

The second INDIAN 1953 CHIEF
Through Shimana Yu, I took over Takizawa's car, and because of this, a group of people became more familiar with each other.

I also helped TROPHY shoot a catalog before.


Take a look at the video LEVI'S shot for them
Cycling and island cuisine are related to Japan. They both love Indians and cycling very much.
This is also the reason why TOKYO INDIANS MC thrives

Look again IN THE WIND video bar
I bought INDIAN again last year 648 BIG BASE RACER
Compare AVCC with Takizawa
I just compared it a second time before the article came out.

NEIGHBORHOOD also has a joint product with WARLOCK
Seeing this, you should have guessed what Chuan Shuimeng does.
Decoration and carpentry are his specialties
There are also many decorations in WESCO and NBHD stores made by him.
Many famous stores are made by him
WARLOCK can be said to be closely related to the car and clothing circles.
Of course, the other two veterans of TOKYO INDIANS MC were also created by him.

TROPHY’s new store is also produced by WARLOCK
The painted part is created by the well-known NUTS ART WORKS
FUSTY WORKS and FUSTY WORKS introduced earlier are all celebrities in this circle
I’ll introduce you again when I have a chance.

There is also a follow-up NUTS ART WORKS creates LOGO for WARLOCK
And TROPHY will be printed into T-shirts this spring and summer.
Considered as an act WARLOCK 8th anniversary commemoration
The relationship between these good friends is really admirable!

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