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by May club 13 Aug 2015 0 Comments

Be it West Ride, SunKu, especially Chooke, or A lot of Indian Navajo silver jewelry has a pattern that most people call the swastika, so people ask me about it almost every day, so I typed this article...

Let’s break down a concept first. This swastika or reverse swastika (same as in the picture) pattern has existed in the world for about 3,000 years! Most modern people directly believe that the swastika refers to Buddhism and the anti-swastika refers to the Nazis (1920-1945, only 25 years). In fact, it can be said to be a completely wrong concept!

Going a little deeper, for 3,000 years, the swastika, an ancient symbol (the following swastika refers to the regular swastika and the reversed swastika, without further explanation), has been used all over the world, especially in various religions well-known in Asia (from Religious issues spread by Indian Buddhism will not be discussed).

Before the emergence of the peace symbol recognized by modern people, it represented peace and tranquility. In fact, Christianity and Islam both use similar symbols. They are both good and great symbolic meanings. If you look up Swastika, you will get a lot of information, and Swastika is The word that most modern people use to represent the swastika comes from Sanskrit!

( via / California Historical Society Collection )

For the Native American old Indians, the swastika (either the positive or reverse swastika) Swastika) is a symbol of luck, and it is a common symbol of old Indians like the thunderbird, bow, arrow, snake, etc. Some signs that can be seen, as we mentioned before the origin of Indian silver jewelry, 188 In 2000, Fred Harvey provided silver and stones for Indians to make for tourist sales. Since 1900, many Indians have been involved in the silver jewelry industry. 10-The peak of Fred Harvey Style in the 1940s coincided with the period when the Nazis used the swastika, because the perception was not good good, so it is almost impossible to see works that use swastikas. Because of this, vin Tage Indian jewelry with swastikas in it is extremely rare! Of course, now the works are It's another matter~

Maybe there are still many people who don’t like the swastika, but for me, no matter how formal it is,
I like both the swastika and the swastika. It is a symbol of peace and luck, so I also like it. I always wanted to be redressed! The seventh month of the lunar calendar is coming soon, so it’s not a bad idea to use it as a talisman XDD ( Further reading: The Nazi swastika represents luck? )

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