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British people who also loved Swastika

by May club 26 May 2018 0 Comments

The British royal wedding has undoubtedly become the focus of international attention. More than one billion people around the world watched Prince Harry marry American actress Meghan Markle, but some people may not be aware of it. Today's British gentleman who is devoted to charity was once a very rebellious boy. The most famous time was when he attended a party wearing a Nazi uniform.

We are also very surprised by this. For members of the royal family who were the main combatants of World War II, they actually have a superficial understanding of the important history of their own country? But we are not going to discuss the history of the Nazis today. There are many detailed descriptions of this part of the information on the Internet. What we want to introduce is that without the khaki desert military uniform and the red armband with a white background, simply Judging from the swastika symbol in the center, did you know that Britain was once proud of Swastika?

The British writer Rudyard Kipling, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, was born in India, a British colony at that time, and was influenced by Indian culture. The positive meaning of luck and peace represented by the swastika also appeared many times in Covers of his early books.

The St Thomas War Memorial in the UK does not commemorate the dead Nazi soldiers. This war memorial was built in 1921. Although the swastika was designed and adopted on the Nazi Party in 1920, it was not used until 1935 when Hitler became Prime Minister. Other countries pay attention.

The Swastika symbol of this monument represents life and has the meaning of God's victory over death. This beautiful symbol derived from religion has a spiritual sustenance for soldiers who have been on the battlefield for a long time.

For example, the 273 Squadron of the British Royal Air Force (Royal Air Force) at the beginning of its formation adopted the swastika symbol as a symbol of good luck. After all, when fighting at an altitude of 8,000 meters, apart from technology, there is only luck!

Baron Baden-Powell, a lieutenant general in the Army and the founder of the Boy Scouts, incorporated the Swastika swastika symbol, a symbol of good luck, into the dovetail design of the Scout emblem in 1922 as a medal of thanks. To bless the recipients, different versions and designs have also been derived among Scouts in various countries around the world.

During the First World War, the British National Savings Committee issued war bond certificates and badges, and even other related stamps, all with the Swastika swastika symbol clearly on it. It was adopted as a symbol of luck. It not only can People were encouraged to save, and government loans could be provided to finance the war effort.

Seeing this, can you still simply think that the left side is the Buddhist swastika and the right side is the Nazi emblem? Hitler's racism may have left a heavy mark on human history, but history is never a one-sided interpretation. Next time you see a pure swastika, think about it from another angle. The real meaning behind it is what?

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