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Addict Clothes 10th Anniversary Collaboration "DEUS EX MACHINA"

by May club 18 Jun 2021 0 Comments

Deus Ex Machina, which was born in Melbourne, Australia in 2006, takes anti-bone surfing as its mainstream thinking and creates a composite space that integrates surfing products, retro motorcycle modifications, clothing, bicycles and restaurants, presenting a straightforward and diverse Life Style. Deus's brand spirit of "restoring, creating and making things" coincides with Addict Clothes' love for British antique motorcycles. It not only produces high-quality British leather jackets and various clothing, but also renovates old cars!

For Deus, who rarely co-brands with brands, after Addict Clothes produced leather jackets for him in 2016, this 10th anniversary series has been replaced by Deus for pattern design. It can also be said that the two brands have had a good relationship for many years. The best proof!

The brand-new pattern design comes from LAND, a Texas art group that Deus Ex Machina collaborates with. It cleverly combines popular elements such as girls, skulls, and thorny roses to present a retro and unique atmosphere. Including short TEE, short-sleeved cardigan shirts and casual shorts, they are all made of pure cotton and are practical items suitable for all seasons. The simple appearance is also full of details. It is a limited-time ACVM series item. If you miss it, it will not be made again. It’s perfect to wear now, and the top will also look great with a jacket in autumn and winter~

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