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The devilish details of Addict Clothes

by May club 25 Oct 2016 0 Comments

The meticulous and high-quality workmanship of Addict Clothes leather jackets made in Japan is definitely obvious to all! In addition to the very high standard of leather selection, the use of leather cutting pieces is also very rigorous. The leather materials used for the back of the collar, under the sleeves, and the inner lining are all top-notch! Parts in poor condition will not be placed in these relatively invisible details , not to mention that there will be a situation where the appearance of the two sides of the chest and the entire piece of leather on the back will have a huge contrast in the skin texture.

(The picture on the left shows his brand leather clothes, the picture on the right shows Addict Clothes)

It is even more impossible to use the remaining leather on the back of the adjustment ring that most people may never open in their lifetime, which is almost tantamount to deceiving consumers.

And Addict Clothes also pays high attention to the leather hemming! The leather folds will be thinned before sewing. If there are four overlapping sides, all four sides must be thinned and then sewn. After completion, it will be as neat as two pieces of leather overlapping. Otherwise, the corners will be thicker and grainier. ball.

(The picture on the left is Lewis in the 1970s, and the picture on the right is Addict Clothes)

However, the lower collar piece of Addict Clothes is not hemmed like a lapel! In fact, this is a British leather jacket method to make the collar piece more snug! The lapel part is pulled up completely to block the wind when riding, so it is hemmed in terms of both appearance and strength.

I believe that friends who have studied British leather clothing will be very clear. Whether it is the original Lewis Leathers before the 1970s, or out-of-print British leather clothing brands such as Highwayman and TT Leathers... you can see it! Nowadays, you can also experience the exquisiteness and care of the owner of antique British leather jackets at the very sophisticated Addict Clothes.

(The picture on the left shows his brand leather clothes, the picture on the right shows Addict Clothes)

You will never cut the leather abruptly and sacrifice strength and beauty in order to save work!

(The picture on the left shows his brand leather clothes, the picture on the right shows Addict Clothes)

The brand’s high standards for clothing can also be seen from the stitching of the collar piece~

The inner leather panels of Addict Clothes are also very particular and presented in beautiful curved cuts! In terms of wearing comfort, it is not only more comfortable to wear, but when you take out your mobile phone and wallet in the inner pocket, the charming old-style Burgundy lining, bronzing logo, etc. that are displayed at the same time can also show your low-key but extraordinary taste. !

The most exquisite and top-notch British leather jacket-Addict Clothes

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