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Strong wind and waves

by May club 08 Aug 2015 0 Comments

It was really windy in the middle of the night. I couldn't sleep and stayed in the store, so I typed an article~
If the weather continues to be this extreme, the store will not be opened in the afternoon, so don’t go out if you have nothing to do. Sorry, friends who have to go to work, thank you for your hard work!

The photo was taken last week. The Highest End manager Yo Sang has a meaningful tattoo, and Choo is faintly visible. Ke’s unique bracelet, the two of you have a good relationship (both are married and have children, don’t be mistaken) Yes), THE has been there for more than 7 years. A few years ago, it was recognized during a cycling event. I met Chooke. At that time, Chooke had been working as a silversmith for more than ten years. However, because we were close in age and had the same interests, we quickly became good friends, and they were also Y With o-san’s encouragement and help, Chooke appeared more than a year ago!

Both of them are very thoughtful people who regard their hobbies as their jobs. Yosang has a wide circle of friends.
Pan, I know many people in the industry, and often go out on bicycles. We talked about some work that day. Regarding the content of the work, Chooke said that Yoosang is a person who makes things satisfactory. People who are good at pushing out don’t play cards according to the rules. Ha, I laughed and said that Yoosang has such basic skills. I can’t make any money. Chooke was also wearing THE pants that day. , Yosang is wearing Chooke's necklace, they like each other very much!

And Yoosang mentioned that many people from abroad wrote to Chooke but he didn’t reply. , because there is only one person to produce, and the works are very complicated, and cannot cope with many orders. Shan, Chooke also said that my posts on the Internet have attracted many Japanese friends. A friend asked, he used to be very low-key, but now his orders have exploded, and he said that if I make my stuff It’s my own fault that I didn’t come out (laughs) I was talking about whether Chooke would become popular. He would be used as a reference, but he actually didn't care. After all, he had been engaged in silver jewelry for ten years. I’ve watched it a lot over the years, and the skills and maturity are quite different, and the style is quite strong. If the finished product is delicate enough, you will find that the substitutes are very different from Gaoshan. When Long saw the counterfeit goods on Taobao, he just scoffed at them XD

It’s always a pleasure to meet and chat like this every time I go abroad, and I can share the introduced brands and products. Understand in more detail, instead of just flipping through books, taking photos, and typing on the keyboard. We have made more like-minded friends and will have closer cooperation and development in the future. Sex, maybe I will see them both in Taiwan soon^^

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