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MAY CLUB - Original NATIVE AMERICAN double-sided waist chain & ALL SILVER Western belt pre-order event starts! !

by May club 11 May 2022 0 Comments

This year MAY CLUB is about to enter its tenth year of establishment. We have always had an inseparable relationship with silver jewelry. Not only are we an agent for selling antique Indian and Japanese silver jewelry brands, but in 2017 we also started to launch our own original silver jewelry series. , in addition to the particularity of materials and production methods, the appearance and design are also the result of our continuous conception and adjustment, in order to bring you the most unique and unique works. We also thank the many people who have continued to support us along the way. Silver jewelery lovers~

Rather than mass re-moulding and low-cost production, we emphasize the uniqueness and texture of each item. Therefore, the ready-made products we produce are very popular. The season of jewelry is about to enter, and we are also open to MAY from now on. Pre-orders for two very popular items in CLUB's original silver jewelry series. Among them, the double-sided waist chain is a super-limited item that is not usually accepted for order. If you want to buy it, you can only wait for it to be released. Orders are open from now until next week Until Monday (5/16), friends who missed it before must seize this rare opportunity!


➼Pre-order link for sterling silver double-sided waist chain:

MAY CLUB's most representative item is also a classic symbol of becoming a permanent member of #MAY_CLUB. The chain head is a double-sided design that combines the #chief and the eagle in Indian elements into a #two-sided one, and directly connects the #hook The ring action structure is hidden in the waist chain head. Of course, the chain body also continues the dual-element design of the eagle feather and the chief's headdress, plus the #eagle-shaped S hook that can be used alone, all of which are made of 925 sterling silver to create the ultimate It has a great texture and is fun to wear. It is full of details and vivid textures. With long-term use, it will become more profound with oxidation!

Friends who purchase this waist chain will become a permanent member of #MAY_CLUB at the same time. You can enjoy a 10% discount on most items in the store (and can be combined with the birthday discount), and join the member-only club to enjoy more member-exclusive discounts.

More introduction: May club Native American Wallet Chain


➼ALL SILVER WESTERN BELT pre-order link:

Among the MAY CLUB original silver jewelry series, it takes the longest time from design to production. Silversmiths and tanners with more than 20 years of experience have gathered together. Each component has been modified countless times. The overall design is based on our beloved Indian "#chief" elements. The engraved belt head and belt loop graphics are derived from The classic element of "Chief Feather Headdress", the end of the belt is the chief with vivid and delicate facial expressions, simple yet detailed depiction, plus the #fine version 3mm belt setting, even with formal wear with narrow trouser ears The visual sense is also very harmonious with casual khaki pants, with both luxurious texture and unique appearance~

We also adhere to the top specifications of ALL SILVER materials. In addition to the #5mm extremely thick cow leather belt body with solid texture and fine leather texture, the belt head, belt ring, tail end decoration and fixing screws are all made of 925 sterling silver. Absolutely unprecedented on the market!

Since its first launch in 2019, it has received enthusiastic support from many fans at home and abroad, and has even been affirmed and appreciated by Japanese brand managers. It not only has absolute originality and details, but also can be matched with various styles~

Based on the choice of silver jewelry on the belt head, belt loops and chief belt tail, plus the four leather belt bodies, I believe that whether you are a fan of vintage, American classic, street or fashion styles, you can find a handsome belt combination that best suits you!

More introduction: May club All Silver Western Belt

Estimated delivery time: about one month.

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