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BLUCO & UNCROWD 2022 Autumn and Winter Pre-Order

by May club 17 May 2022 0 Comments

BLUCO is a famous Japanese workwear brand that combines street culture style with workwear-like durability, comfort and mobility. It is deeply loved by many surfing and skateboarding enthusiasts!

UNCROWD focuses on being knight-oriented. It not only provides retro handmade glasses, but also combines functional materials with clothing and hat items to meet the needs of handsome and more practical matching.

For the first time, we have opened pre-season pre-orders for these two brands. Many items are combined with functional materials, and their excitement cannot be summed up. Interested friends are welcome to come to the store to view the catalog and join the ranks of pre-orders.

The original price of BLUCO & UNCROWD is quite affordable. In addition to the original membership discount, you can also enjoy a 50% discount when pre-ordering, so be sure to take advantage of it!

Deadline: 21:00 on 5/28 (Saturday)

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