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WEST RIDE - Pre-season pre-orders for the 2022 autumn and winter series are now open! !

by May club 23 May 2022 0 Comments

It’s time again for the most exciting pre-order event for WEST RIDE’s autumn and winter items~~

"BY THE BIKERS FOR THE BIKERS", since its establishment in 2003, WEST RIDE has continued to focus on producing a variety of classic clothing items that combine appearance, comfort and functionality, continuing the charm of the beautiful things of the old era, and more Incorporating advanced textile technology, it is not only the first choice brand for many knight friends, but also has diverse designs such as outdoor, leisure and military, and is also widely favored by fashion enthusiasts around the world!

Due to the large number of autumn and winter products, in order to allow friends who love WEST RIDE to get their favorite items, we also open orders in the previous season as usual. Participating in pre-orders can not only avoid the tragic situation of sold out when new products are launched, but also can Enjoy an additional 5% discount and can be used in conjunction with membership discounts. If you see something you like, book it first!

Affected by the epidemic, we are still unable to fly to Japan to participate in the exhibition in person this year. Interested friends are welcome to come to the store to refer to the complete item catalog and photos. Next, we will also select several items in the WEST RIDE community. I will introduce it to you one after another.

🔥 MAY CLUB members, please pay close attention to VIP club information🔥

Pre-order period: From now until 5/31 (Tuesday) Pre-order discount: Enjoy an additional 5% off (can be combined with the original membership discount)
Ordering method: Pay 1/3 deposit during the pre-order period, or pay the full amount online on the official website for installments (up to six installments)


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