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Father’s Day reward project, 20% off online shopping for the whole month of August, is now available‼ ️

by ChiuDragon 01 Aug 2022 0 Comments

The end of April this year is the 10th anniversary of May Club. In fact, we originally planned to close the store for one month every ten years. It happened that the Taipei store had just moved to a new location at that time, so we postponed it for the first time, and another three months passed silently.

Recently, due to the diagnosis of a work partner, the environment in the store needs to be cleaned and disinfected. We also take this opportunity to rearrange the next work plan and various store management and adjustments. Starting today, the two physical stores of Taipei store and Taichung store # will be closed. Serve for one month.

Although the physical store will be closed for the entire month, whether it is for Father's Day gifts or personal dressing needs, online services will still be uninterrupted! We also offer a 20% discount on online shopping throughout August, and original VIP members can enjoy even lower discounts (please see member associations). If you have special needs and must come to the store, please make an appointment in advance this month☺️The time for visiting the store and shipping will be arranged one day a week as much as possible

Are you afraid of getting dizzy or sunburned when you go out in summer? Or have you been diagnosed and are quarantined at home and want to go shopping? Still without any reason, I just want to take the opportunity to buy cool items! Go to the MAY CLUB official website and move your fingers now!
(The official website also provides the installment function for up to six installments, making shopping more stress-free)

Event period: From now until 8/31 23:59 Discount content: 20% off on all in-stock items with discount code: AUGDIS20

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