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MAY CLUB LIMITED HANDMADE WALLET Fully handmade nailed leather wallet customized

by May club 29 Sep 2022 0 Comments

The personalization and uniqueness of "nailed" items have always been highly recommended by May Club. This time, Daqi leverages Daqi's beauty and talent in leather goods production and nail button arrangement to launch a series of customized wallets. After more than a year of conception and discussion, the joint model includes a cordovan leather wallet and a handmade leather wallet with spider stud buckles. There are also options of swastika and English alphabet arrangement, which can be matched according to personal preferences. Interested friends are also invited to Continue below for a more detailed introduction.

  • Introduction to the appearance of handmade wallets
    The appearance is low-key and simple. It has 4+1 card compartments, a zippered coin pocket, and a banknote compartment on the left and right. It is equipped with a D ring to hook a waist chain. The lightweight configuration also has ample classification space, which is very suitable for daily life. usage of.

    • Leather materials : 1.5mm~2mm leather is selected according to different parts, and the drumming technique of thinning the leather is used to increase the overall visual layering.

      • May club limited edition spider buckle wallet , choose the leather first and then add the customization fee

      • Swastika style stud buckle wallet

      • Customization options cost separately

      1. Hemming decorative sheet: + 2,000
      2. Swastika: +800/piece
      3. Two types of English letters (or lines): +500/piece

          Pre-order period: from now until 10/10 23:59
          Pre-order delivery time: about 30 working days

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