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CHOOKE Special MAY CLUB 10th Anniversary Dayu Limited Time Order Accepting!

by May club 04 Nov 2022 0 Comments

CHOOKE has been made by one person for many years. With more than ten years of accumulated exquisite skills and beauty, he makes various antique silver coins into charming single products. Among them, the earliest known one is the SPECIAL PEACE FEATHER made from a Peace Eagle silver coin . Later, many special feathers were made as an extension, including the BACK EAGLE made by combining two silver coins, or the luxurious version with gold coins, turquoise, etc., which is quite eye-catching!

The 10th limited edition feather specially produced for us by CHOOKE this time is also a return to the original starting point. The entire feather is also made from a Peace Eagle silver coin. The difference is that a more complicated method is used to cut the silver coin in half so that both sides can be preserved at the same time. The pattern is presented on the feathers with an eagle with wings folded on the front and a goddess head on the reverse. The top and bottom of the goddess head are respectively decorated with the upside-down blessing character representing "blessing arrives" and the word PEACE cut out from the silver coin, which conveys strong blessings. mean. The straight configuration can also be coordinated with the left and right feathers and grouped together!

Different from glossy jewelry, the raw material is the same silver coins used by the ancient Indians to make silver. The PEACE COIN, which is a hundred years old, has a warmer sense of age, and the silver beads strung on the deerskin rope, The feather stalk in the middle, the wrapped silver wire, etc. are all leftover materials from the same silver coin. Together with the words MAY CLUB 10th engraved on the back and the bow and arrow pattern, they fully demonstrate the spirit of charming handicrafts!

To paraphrase what serious CHOOKE enthusiasts say, there are many silver jewelry brands on the market, but the feathers of many brands are too similar. Only CHOOKE can make him recognize it at a glance and feel the strong handmade charm, so once he starts, stop Not coming down anymore! Limited edition items are not to be missed!

In addition to the basic configuration of an eagle on the front and a goddess on the back, there is also an option to add a skull style to the goddess avatar on the back.

Amount of single product: 17900 / 20800 (skull processing)
Order receiving time: 21:00 on 11/13 (Sunday)
Pre-order method: Pay the full amount online on the official website (interest-free installments are available), or come to the store to pay half of the deposit

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