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Online lottery for シニガミメガネ white cracked ceramic models!

by clubMay 23 Apr 2022 0 Comments

Previously, we have launched soft rubber and black ceramic models of the Sumiニガミメガネ, but this time we are seeing you in the white crackled ceramic model! ! Also designed by CxTxM, the Knuckle san is sculpted and crafted in Japan by Headlock studio.

The production process of the white cracked Death glasses frame is more complicated. Each one has unique cracks . It is visually very handsome and has great collection value. Friends who are interested must seize the opportunity! !

  • IG share for Lottery

The price is 2,000 yuan, and there are 50 people in total for this draw.
From now until 8pm tonight, share the May club IG sale post on the limited-time news and tag @ mayclubtw . The lottery will be drawn at 9pm today and the winners will be notified in sequence.

Note: Please set your account to "Public" before sharing to facilitate account review )

Since it is fragile, it is recommended to pick it up in the store . If you are unable to pick it up in the store, you can also send it by mail. Regardless of store pickup or delivery, payment must be completed before 4/26 (Tue).

〖Store Pickup〗Remit NT$2,000 and pick it up at May club Taichung store during business hours before 5/1 (Sunday).
[Shipment] Please remit 2100 including shipping. Shipping will be arranged starting from 4/27 (Wednesday). However, even if the goods are properly packaged, they may still be damaged during transportation, so you must bear the risk at your own risk.

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