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Pre-orders for the 2022 autumn and winter ADDICT CLOTHES product line ACVM are now open!

by clubMay 04 Apr 2022 0 Comments

Most of ACVM's items are limited to the current season and are not regular items produced by Addict Clothes every season. Therefore, after many friends miss an item, they often have to wait for several years, and may not even wait for it to be available again. Production and sale! Last season, many friends at home and abroad were asking about the #super-luxury sheepskin leather jacket, which will definitely be available next season (laughs) Friends who missed it last year must seize the opportunity!

The manager, Mr. Ishijima, has high standards for the products, so the quality and workmanship have always been loved by customers and friends! It is recommended that friends who are paying attention to Addict Clothes seize the opportunity to pre-order before the season to avoid waiting until the autumn and winter sales are sold out and unable to purchase. As always, the discounts for pre-season bookings are still available to everyone! In addition to the original membership discounts and birthday discounts, you can enjoy an additional 5% off for pre-orders. Welcome to the store to see more charming photos of single products~

Pre-order time:
From now until 21:00 on 4/14 (Thursday) (1/3 deposit required when pre-ordering)

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