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HOT BIKE Japan Magazine Vol.145

by May club 12 Sep 2015 0 Comments

The content in the September issue of HOT BIKE magazine (on sale at the end of July) is still quite exciting. The biggest focus of this issue is to introduce the seventh BORN FREE SHOW, which was held at Oak Canyon Ranch in California, USA at the end of June. Many Japanese riders Magazines have introduced this important BIKER event in the United States, and I personally think HOT BIKE JAPAN has been introduced in the most detail. Take a look~

There are a lot of handsome guys, beauties, and handsome cars on site, right? This event has been held for the seventh time. BORN FREE SHOW, as its name suggests, has the same nature as the lifestyle favored by knights. It gathers many people from all over the world, whether new or old cars, various brands, men, women, old and young, famous shops and small shops. As long as you yearn for this kind of The freedom brought by cycling is suitable for everyone to participate in. This fast-growing event is getting stronger year by year. It can already be said to be one of the largest BIKER events in the West and even the United States, especially Harley and CHOPPER.

In addition to people riding their own cars, there are also many modification shops who present their masterpieces here every year and become famous. Through various competitions and voting, the top representatives will be sent to the end of each year. At the HRCS display held at Mooneyes in Yokohama, Japan, some beautiful cars are selected below. Friends who are interested can browse the magazine or check out the BORN FREE official website ☞Click here

WEST RIDE has never been absent from almost all major BIKER events in Japan, and has spared no effort in promoting American knight culture. This year is also the fourth time WEST RIDE has participated in the BORN FREE SHOW. It has been mentioned before☞Click this article

BORN FREE SHOW's event-limited T-shirt, May club also obtained a small amount through WEST RIDE, one of the sponsors, friends who like it, please grab it!

This issue of the magazine also features STOP LIGHT and the artist WEED introduced earlier.

The RUMBLING ART SHOW held by WESTER RIVER was also reported. Several artists were introduced, as well as many handsome guys and handsome cars. It was also mentioned that WEST RIDE participated in the BORN FREE SHOW and was very popular at the scene. Regardless of whether these artists participated in WEST RIDE works, or event-limited T-shirts from BORN FREE SHOW 7, are all in stock at the moment (laughs)

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