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CLUTCH Magazine Vol.70

by May club 18 Nov 2019 0 Comments

The latest issue of CLUTCH magazine has a large-scale report on ADDICT CLOTHES, a representative of the world's top British leather clothing brand made in Japan!

Of course, we have already introduced a lot about ADDICT. The article mentioned that the boss initially focused on selling British antique leather clothes and antique cars. He decided to start his own brand because he wanted a piece with real old British connotations. , starting from the development of hardware that is closest to antique British leather clothing, to finding a factory in Japan to tan the thick and soft sheepskin that is closest to old British leather clothing, and paying attention to various details of British antique leather clothing, and of course the most suitable The style of wearing and the use of one's own enthusiasm to create high-end works of NEW VINTAGE have always been the most admirable thing about Japanese brands. Therefore, they have become world-famous in the past ten years, co-branded by major brands, and now even in Europe. very popular!

If you don’t know ADDICT CLOTHES yet, I can tell you simply that we have too many addicts who have owned leather jackets from other brands, but since wearing ADDICT, they have been wearing one after another, and they can’t go back! A good leather jacket is an item that can accompany you for decades. It is not just a famous brand nor a trend. Once you put it on, you will know what a truly good product is! Don’t you have ADDICT CLOTHES in your wardrobe yet? I suggest you get one!

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