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UP-SWEEP Magazine Vol.29

by May club 06 Aug 2015 0 Comments

The latest issue of UP-SWEEP is currently the most popular magazine for knights in Japan. It contains a lot of introductions about the brands represented by May Club stores!

The West Ride spring and summer styles have just arrived this time. Except for the styles that have been sold out, the rest are now available. Goods in store!

This product was accidentally sold out yesterday~

Trophy's vest is currently in stock in the store. It is the most popular among knights this year. Be sure to check the white pants you are wearing~

Trophy vest is very popular!

The Highest End’s new products are also in the store, which will be introduced later. If you like them, come directly!

The THE X Chooke necklace has been sold out, and this time we are bringing back more new THE Come in!

The Cycle Zombies I introduced before, hehe, there are also some products in the store~

UP-SWEEP is about to host the RUMBLING ART SHOW together with West Ride, a different type of display!

The RUMBLING ART SHOW held by Western River, which has been introduced before, is also heavily reported in this issue!

And our good friend Masato-san, I’m going to give him a tattoo this year too. !

Big news on the back cover!
West Ride will also open a store in Tokyo this year!
There is also a preview of the latest autumn and winter theme CHOPPER SAVED MY LIFE
Please look forward to it!
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