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WEST RIDE 2023 autumn and winter items pre-season pre-order! !

by ChiuDragon 28 May 2023 0 Comments

After four years, we flew to Niigata Western River again to attend the brand exhibition, bringing you more detailed information about autumn and winter items, confirming the details of each style, and bringing back fabric samples provided by WR and Photos of all items.

Some autumn and winter items have been introduced to you in the WEST RIDE TAIWAN club. However, due to the large number of styles, we cannot introduce them all in detail online. Friends who are interested can take advantage of today and tomorrow to come to the Taichung store (closed on Tuesday). We can provide You explain better.

At the same time, pre-season orders are open as usual. Participating in pre-orders can not only avoid the tragic situation of sold out when new products are released, but also enjoy an additional 5% discount, which can be combined with the original discounts of members. If you like it, you can first The most secure place to book!

Pre-order time: 5/27~5/30
Pre-order discount: enjoy an additional 95% off (can be combined with the original membership discount)
Ordering method: Pay 1/3 deposit during the pre-order period, or pay the full amount online on the official website for installments (up to six installments)

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