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Japanese Painting Master PSYCHO-GRAFIX 2023 TAIWAN TOUR

by May club 19 Aug 2023 0 Comments

After the epidemic subsided, we first invited CxTxM, Knuckle and Blackboots to Taiwan in May, and then Pinstripe master Psycho-Grafix will also meet with you soon! ! Following 2018 and 2019, it has been more than four years since this third visit to Taiwan, and many friends have been talking about it since 2019 until now.

Master Psycho is an artist who has been working with West Ride for a long time. He has been interested in sign painting since he was a child. With his interest and talent, he has accumulated decades of profound skills on the Pinstripe road. Whether it is wire drawing or drawing, he has a solid foundation and real skills. He is a well-known senior in the industry!

Friends who had attended the event in person the previous two times were very impressed after seeing Master Psycho's live creation. After a simple idea, they began to express the inspiration in their minds, and the speed was quite fast! In just a few days, I completed a lot of works, including drawings directly on car glass and motorcycle bodies, helmets, leather jackets, electric guitars, glasses, mobile phone cases, bags, and even large wooden cabinets in our store, etc. Wait, no matter it’s a large area or small details, various styles can’t be difficult for him!

Even in Japan, it is rare to have the opportunity to appreciate such wonderful live creations up close, and we directly invite the master to come to Taiwan. You must seize such a rare opportunity! ! Especially for large objects such as cars, motorcycles, etc., it is impossible to bring them to Japan for painting by a master. If we don’t make an appointment this time, when will we wait?

Whether you are a friend who couldn't get a spot in the first two appointments, or a friend who wants to leave more masterpieces, please seize the opportunity and contact us to make an appointment! !

Activity time:

  • Taichung store
    8/25 (Friday) 14:00~20:00
    8/26 (Saturday) 14:00~20:00
  • Taipei store
    8/27 (Sunday) 14:00~20:00
    8/28 (Monday) 14:00~20:00

psycho, gallery 01

psycho, gallery 01

psycho, gallery 01

psycho2, gallery 02

psycho2, gallery 02

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