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2024 Spring and Summer ACVM and ADDICT BOOTS Pre-order

by ChenStacy 10 Sep 2023 0 Comments

Due to the epidemic, ADDICT CLOTHES Japanese dealerships and overseas agents have only been able to decide the order quantity through online exhibitions in the past few years. After several times, we found that the texture of actual products is often better, which is difficult to do with photos and videos. Presented, but once the item is received, it is no longer possible to add more.

After four years, I was finally able to participate in the physical exhibition of ADDICT CLOTHES again. This time, I focused on ACVM and ADDICT BOOTS, including casual style, military style and fashionable and charming British style. The manager Mr. Ishijima even joined hands with friendly brands to launch a joint brand, wonderful singles Boss Pinrangmei exclaimed again and again after seeing it!

It is recommended that everyone seize the opportunity to pre-order. In addition to enjoying additional pre-order discounts, if there is no suitable size in the store during the season, the Japanese original factory will not provide replacement goods, so you will have no choice but to regret it!

If you want to participate in the pre-order, you are welcome to go to the Taichung store to see more photos and learn about the details of the single product ~

Pre-order content: 2024 spring and summer ACVM & ADDICT BOOTS full series of single products Event period: from now until 9/15 (Friday)
Pre-order discount: 5% off (members can multiply their own discounts)

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