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May club season change event starts!

by May club 16 Sep 2023 0 Comments

Summer vacation is over, and the temperature has finally stopped being so hot these days. Cool weather and cool autumn and winter items are coming soon! Before the new autumn and winter products arrive, we will launch seasonal discounts on the existing products in the store.

Activity method:

Buy area A separately for 20% off, add area A to area B for 30% off, and purchase items from areas A, B, and C at the same time for 40% off! !

A. Upper wear (including leather jackets, vests and coats)
B. Down
C. Accessories (jewelry, shoes, bags, gloves, etc.)

During the activity:
9/16 (Saturday) ~ 9/30 (Saturday) 21:00

Special Note:

  1. Items released this month, CxTxM, safety helmets and vintage items are not included in the event.
  2. The activity gives priority to store sales. Those who purchase A or A+B online can contact customer service for confirmation and provide an exclusive discount code to complete the checkout.
  3. Only A+B+C 40% off discount is only available for cash or remittance purchases.

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