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MAY CLUB x SHAKIN' SPEED GRAFIX handmade custom hat series

by May club 16 Nov 2023 0 Comments

MAY CLUB has always been committed to providing the most handsome items. In the hat section, it started selling the retro small hat OceanBeetle 7 years ago. Although it has long been very popular in Japan, the Taiwanese cycling circle was not familiar with retro cap bodies at the time, and many consumers felt that the price was too high. Later, after car enthusiasts came into contact with a deeper and broader car-playing culture, they not only loved the OceanBeetle, but also Based on Beetle, the Bacon old-fashioned hat model adds cracks, flames, speed lines and other elements. After we introduced it, it has also been customized by many players. Then Kimura Takuya also became a Bacon lover, and later, Bacon production has exceeded demand and is no longer accepting orders.

In recent years, thanks to Volkswagen's emphasis on retro car matching, OceanBeetle's popularity among retro car circles around the world has grown even higher. Not only has consumers become more accepting of small hats, but there are also more and more hats that look like Beetle on the market, but one thing remains the same: we have always been at the forefront!

Compared with the large number of mass-produced hats, hand-painted hats have absolutely no advantage in price, but the flexibility and uniqueness of customization are unparalleled! And relying solely on the painter's skills and beauty, this is the biggest reason why we invite Japan's first-line painter Shakin' to launch hand-made customized co-branded hats!

The characteristics of Master Shakin''s works and his super heavyweight status in Japan have been introduced in the previous blog. Friends who have not read it can click here . This time, he also specially selected his most representative style to create four works. A co-branded hat, and the master was directly invited to Taiwan to show off his superb painting skills!

The four co-branded hats will be introduced below:

No.1 - Lightning Totem

The lightning totem extending from the front to the back is different from ordinary lightning. It has an arrow shape at the tail end and almost covers the front half of the hat. Customized words are added to the gathered part of the rear totem.

Hat style: Beetle Shorty4
Price: 18800


No.2 - Rendering landscape

Starting from the base coat, the rendered color is created. The texture is quite charming like an ink painting. Later, a blocky drawing base color is added, and skull patterns and three-dimensional characters are drawn on top. After each layer is completed, you need to wait for the drying process before proceeding. The next step, the production process is quite long!

Hat style: Beetle LAC
Price: 24800


No.3 - Competitive Configuration

Draw a racing cap with a strong modern style on the retro cap body. Starting from the base paint, including the distribution of color blocks, some color blocks are added with glitter, so that the colors of the same tone can still have gradient changes. Racing caps cannot be used Smaller numbers add gold foil for a higher level of luxury! Finally, a little text is embellished. The layer-by-layer production is time-consuming and labor-intensive, but the effect is great!

Hat style: Beetle MTX
Price: 36,000


No.4 - Temporarily closed, will be exhibited at Ride Free 14 venue

Hat style: Beetle STR

Note: No.1 ~ No.3 co-branded hats are not limited to the hats we selected for display. They can also be replaced with other Beetle hats with the same design. The words or numbers above can be changed, or the gold and silver foil can be adjusted as needed. and glitter, etc., the price will increase or decrease according to the degree of modification.

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