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May club 11th anniversary special event‼ ️

by clubMay 01 May 2023 0 Comments

Our old friends all know that CxTxM has been to Taiwan since the fourth year of May club’s opening and the first year of its Taipei store, and since its fifth anniversary, CxTxM , BLACKBOOTS , LITTLE CHOP DESIGN The three visits to Taiwan became the highlight of our annual anniversary activities, which lasted until the eighth anniversary but were suspended due to the epidemic. And after four years, the masters are back!

When we met at the end of last year, we decided to continue the event for the 11th anniversary. At the end of March, the Nagoya trip confirmed the date, as well as related activities, including KNUCKLE 's joint list, and the 11th anniversary joint silver jewelry "Axe Man" commissioned by MASATO Design and produced by BLACKBOOTS . coming! Friends who plan to get tattoos or airbrushing are also welcome to inquire about arrangements:

May 12th (Friday) and 13th (Saturday) at Taipei store
May 14th (Sunday) and 15th (Monday) at Taichung store

Relevant detailed event content information will continue to be released before the event. We look forward to your participation, so remember to make time to come~

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