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by ChiuDragon 01 Apr 2023 0 Comments

good news! After more than a year, I finally have the opportunity to customize leather clothing from Addict Clothes!

Due to Addict Clothes' high-quality leather selection and carefully adjusted pattern details, it has not only been loved by customers in Asia in recent years, but also has extremely high popularity in Europe and the United States! The explosion of orders from all over the world also forced the manager to suspend custom-made services at that time to avoid affecting the original production capacity of fixed products.

In order to achieve a balance between customer demand and production capacity, after much consideration, the parts that are open to customization this time are "leather color" and "sleeve length" . The interior will maintain the original settings of each style, and the interior cannot be replaced.

11 leather options

  • Tea core sheepskin: Black, Dark Blue, Vintage Blue, Turquoise Blue, Wine Red
  • Horsehide: Black, Dark Blue, Vintage Blue, Turquoise Blue, Brown
  • Cowhide: Black

If you choose black leather, there is no additional customization fee. If you choose other colors, you need to add a customization fee of 3,000 yuan to the basic price.

Sleeve length changes

It can be adjusted ±8 cm according to needs. If the sleeve length is changed, an additional customization fee of NT$3,000 will be added to the basic price.

Ordering period

From now until 4/9 (Sunday)
If you complete your order during this event, you will have a chance to get it before the end of this year!

The styles open for customization are AD-01 to AD-09, including women's leather jackets, speed line and 02L, 03L extended styles. The basic price of each style and leather is as shown in the photo. (Some styles can only be customized in sheepskin.)

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