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2023AW ACVM pre-orders open!

by May club 12 Mar 2023 0 Comments

ADDICT CLOTHES In addition to the regular range of leather jackets and boots, the manager also incorporated the charming details of various old products into his own ideas to create a series of unique and elegant ACVM products, many of which only appear once. The limited edition products make customers feel sad every time they miss it!

Among the items launched next season, we will especially introduce the BMC four-pocket waxed cloth jacket, which is finally available to you again after two years! !

Because the owner developed the optimal paraffin ratio, the texture is refreshing, non-greasy and has no odor. It was praised by Clutch magazine as the best waxed jacket on the market! After the garment is sewn, it is waxed by hand so that each sewing hole can be filled with paraffin to achieve excellent windproof and waterproof effects. Not only suitable for cycling, it can also be a good partner with a high attendance rate during the rainy season in Taiwan~

This year, the armpits and armholes are slightly wider, so that friends with stronger hands will not get stuck. From next season, the detachable wool vest will be removed. The single-layer configuration is light and easy to carry, and the price has also been reduced. More friendly to the people!

Price: 29700 (pre-order price 28215)
Pre-order period: From now until 3/19 (Sunday), you can enjoy an additional 5% discount

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