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WEST RIDE 2021 spring and summer items are now available for pre-order!

by May club 20 Nov 2020 0 Comments

WEST RIDE has many popular items every season that are sold out as soon as they are released. It is really tiring for overseas customers. After all, when they are shipped to Taiwan and released later than Japan, it is difficult to grab new products. Every second counts (laughs)

Therefore, we highly recommend ordering all your favorite items in the previous season. Then you just have to wait for them to be unboxed, and you don’t have to worry about running out of items~

Pre-order period: 11/20 (Friday) ~ 11/24 (Tuesday)
Pre-order discount: You can combine the original discounts and enjoy an additional 95% off

The 2021 spring and summer theme is ONE MORE FROM THE ROAD. You can see all the new spring and summer photos in the store, which are guaranteed to look cool! Come to the store during the weekend and order the next season’s items!

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