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Announcement: ADDICT CLOTHES prices will be adjusted soon!

by May club 02 Jan 2021 0 Comments

MAY CLUB has introduced ADDICT CLOTHES for many years. In order to allow more friends to buy truly top-notch items at relatively favorable prices, MAY CLUB has been working hard to lower the prices of high-priced items, so that the sales price is almost the same as the local purchase price in Japan. If it is used again Membership discounts and birthday discounts, etc., will be more valuable than buying them in Japan!

However, shipping costs have increased several times in 2020, so we have considered and decided to re-examine the prices of each item, and expect to adjust high unit price items such as leather jackets, wax cloths, boots, etc. that have long absorbed feedback at the end of this month, with an expected increase of approximately 3,000. ~7000 yuan.

There is still a buffer period before the end of the month. Regarding the leather clothing available in the store (as shown in the picture), the inventory adjustment in Japan, and the customized leather clothing (leather color, sleeve length, lining), this month will be calculated based on the old price, starting from February # There will be comprehensive adjustments. Friends who want to buy a handsome jersey before the price increases must take advantage! If you haven’t decided on your favorite style and size yet, please come to the store as soon as possible~

Further reading: Addict Clothes customization instructions

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