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ADDICT CLOTHES 2021 spring and summer items are now available for pre-order!

by May club 30 Oct 2020 0 Comments

Affected by the global epidemic, the organizer has been unable to bring new products to Taiwan for exhibitions for two consecutive seasons😢

In order not to let everyone miss the charming items for next spring and summer, we will select a few items to introduce to the Addict Clothes community in the next few days. If you want to know all the items launched in the next season, you are also welcome to come to the store to view them. More photos. Friends who like Addict Clothes must grasp it💪

Pre-order period: from now until 11/2 (Monday) Pre-order discount: In addition to the original discount, enjoy another 5% discount (pre-order requires 1/3 as deposit)

Friends who have not joined the ADDICT CLOTHES community can click on the link to join: [ ADDICT CLOTHES NEW VINTAGE TAIWAN ]

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