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Masato kun Leather Jacket Version Release Information

by May club 24 Oct 2020 0 Comments

The CxTxM limited edition doll designed by HEADLOCKSTUDIO and doll prototype designer LITTLE CHOP DESIGN - KUNCKLE. Following the all-black model sold for the first time and the Tattoo Edition some time ago, Masato Kun, who debuted today, is dressed in black leather, showing full CxTxM style. !

We also specially made piping three-quarter sleeves based on the concept of the white Tee exposed under the Masato Kun leather jacket, and paired it with a soft rubber set as a Lottery selection.


A total of 30 people will be selected for this draw.
It will be sold as a set of "Masato kun + three-quarter sleeves Logo Tee", and the whole set is priced at 6,800 yuan.

From now until 11:59 tonight, share this sale article on May club IG in your limited time feed and tag @ mayclubtw . The drawing will be drawn at 12:00 noon tomorrow (10/25) and notified in sequence. Winning lottery winner (Note: Please set your account to "Public" before sharing to facilitate account content review)


May club VIP members 5 & CxTxM crew 5 will buy the "Masato kun + May club Kustom Kulture Long Tee" set for sale, the whole set is priced at 7,300.

VIP members please leave a message below the FB member club's sales post; Crew members who have purchased CxTxM's own brand items please leave a message below the WEST RIDE club's sale post, and the top 5 will be chosen.


CxTxM's hardcore image of wearing leather jackets is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. This time, 10 places have been specially allocated. If you already own any of the Masato Kun sold in the previous two sales and have purchased leather jackets at May Club, you can "come to the store" to buy it. qualifications. Please bring any of the first two Masato Kun to the store (Taichung and Taipei stores are open at the same time). If the previous purchase record is correct, you can purchase the "Masato kun + May club Kustom Kulture Long Tee" set on site.

If you have any of the first two Masato kun but no leather jacket purchase record, you can also purchase leather jackets on-site to qualify. The quota is limited, thank you.

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