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End of Season Sale

by May club 07 Sep 2020 0 Comments

The temperature has obviously eased a little over the past two days over the weekend, and the sun is not as fierce as before (laughs). Summer is coming to an end, and new autumn and winter products are coming soon. We have also launched a special season change event, with a 20% discount for the first phase and a 20% discount for the second phase. It’s a 70%, 60%, 50% off High discount! Let’s take a look at the details of the event~

Event date: From now until 9/16, lasting 10 days

  • STEP 1

It is a combination of sun protection and styling items that can be used all year round.


Choose one item from Area A and Area B, and you can get it directly at a 20% discount!

  • STEP 2

Excluding STEP 1, areas A and B and a small number of items in the store are not included in the discount. The remaining items in the store are 30% off for the first item, 40% off for the second item, and 50% off for the third item. The one with the highest price will be the first item.

What is special is that for this season change event, you must first participate in STEP 1 before you can obtain the discount qualifications for STEP 2. This is a great opportunity for 50% off shopping, come to the store or official website during the event to select your favorite items! ! (After selecting the item on the official website, you can message customer service to request a discount code)

Note: MAY CLUB VIP members can directly participate in STEP 2 activities.

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