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Addict Clothes limited time ordering details

by May club 13 Jul 2020 0 Comments

Friends who are interested in Addict Clothes leather jackets should have referred to our Addict leather jacket customization instructions . In addition to the previously provided changes in leather color, lining, and sleeve length, Japan has recently opened up "limited time" customization details:

  1. The zipper cloth has a new all-black option
  2. The left hand can add a zipper pocket on the upper or lower arm (models with added speed lines are not suitable for this customization)
  3. Changes in clothing length include an increase or decrease of 4 cm (AD-10 does not accept this customization)
  4. AD-01 zippered pocket

The following will also be summarized and introduced in detail for everyone, let’s learn about the current styles and customization prices:

The straight-draw styles are all tea core sheepskin priced at 49,000 yuan and horsehide priced at 52,000 yuan.



The inclined pull style tea-core sheepskin is 52,000 yuan, and the horsehide is 55,000 yuan:



Because these three models have more details, the prices will be higher:

  • AD-06 HIGHWAYMAN JACKET (detachable fur collar)
  • AD-09B ULSTER JACKET JACKET (wool lining)
  • AD-10 BMC JACKET (detachable fleece vest)

AD-06 & AD-09B are tea-core sheepskin priced at 55,000 yuan and horsehide priced at 58,000 yuan.
AD-10 tea core sheepskin 65,000 yuan, horsehide 68,000 yuan


The following are some custom order options. In addition to the basic styles launched every season, the basic fee for booking other styles or if there is a customer demand is 3,000 yuan, and the price will increase depending on the added details:

"Skin Color"

All styles can be customized with special leather colors, which are included in the basic customer order fee of 3,000 yuan , without any additional price.

  • Tea core sheepskin: Dark Blue, Vintage Blue, Turquoise, White.
  • Through-dyed horsehide: Brown, Green, Dark Blue, Vintage Blue.


"inside of"

After the basic customer subscription fee of 3,000 yuan, you can also change the following interiors for an additional 1,500 yuan .

  • Classic burgundy quilted lining: The basic configuration of most styles is this lining. It is lightly paved with cotton for warmth, and the sleeves are made of gray-toned rayon for easy putting on and taking off.
  • Black polyester fiber lining: High-strength and scratch-resistant, the thin material can better cope with Taiwan's climate. (The standard configuration of AD-05 & AD-09 is this interior)
  • Compressed wool plaid lining: for maximum warmth, gray-toned rayon sleeves for easy on and off.


"Sleeve Length"

Since the sleeves of Addict Clothes are curved, which is a detail that makes wearing them more comfortable, adjusting the sleeve length requires trimming the entire sleeve instead of just cutting it short or lengthening it, which is labor-intensive and time-consuming.

To meet the needs of different body shapes, the sleeve length can be increased or shortened by up to 8 centimeters ( only open for a limited time, and will return to an increase or decrease of 3 centimeters in the future ). The price is an additional 1,500 yuan on top of the basic customer booking fee.

"clothes length"

The clothing length is also open to custom modifications for the first time. Except for AD-10 , which does not accept clothing length modifications, other styles are limited to an increase or decrease of 4 centimeters . If you previously felt that the clothing length was slightly longer or shorter, you can also take advantage of this opportunity. Customized deadline.

An additional 3,000 yuan is added to the basic customer booking fee.


"Zip Cloth"

Previously, a limited-edition leather jacket was briefly made with black zipper cloth and deerskin. The model co-branded with MINEDENIM is also an all-black setting with black leather and black zipper cloth. Kimura Takuya even used it in advertisements, and the visual effect is quite fashionable. Friends who have inquired before may wish to take advantage of this limited time opportunity. An additional 1,500 yuan will be added to the basic customer booking fee.


"Left arm zipper pocket"

In the old British leather jackets of the 1960s, you can often see the sleeve zipper design located on the upper arm or forearm. Additional purchases only require an additional 1,500 yuan on top of the basic customer order fee.


"AD-01 Pocket Zipper"

Adding a zipper to the diagonal pocket is only for AD-01 and costs an additional 1,500 yuan on top of the basic customer order fee.


For custom orders, 1/2 of the total amount must be paid as a deposit, which must be paid when picking up the goods.

Event period: 109/07/13 - 109/07/26 for two weeks

Estimated delivery: The production period is about three months, and the delivery is expected to be in November.

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