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WEST RIDE x LARRY SMITH - Silver Jewelry Series Pre-order Offers and Price Increase Announcement

by May club 29 Mar 2021 0 Comments

Since 2014, WEST RIDE has jointly launched a series of items with the well-known silver jewelry brand LARRY SMITH. Combining the two parties' talents in the production of BIKER and INDIAN JEWELRY, the items are both classic and luxurious, and are also loved by many friends!

From the very beginning of the cooperation, it took more than three years of conception and back-and-forth discussions. The overall theme is based on the "snake" that symbolizes wisdom. The main visual of the waist chain and the main pendant of the necklace are also made of American Morgan silver coins. The goddess's head is stacked with a three-dimensional swastika. It is also a totem that represents luck among the Indian community. It has many unique stamps and 18K embellishments. The other side has a strong visual of a snake surrounding a skull. The joint between the head and tail hooks of the waist chain and the bracelet is made in the shape of a snake, and the details of the snake scales are also quite realistic. The chain body of the waist chain and bracelet is in the figure-8 pattern seen in the early 19th century. It not only enriches the vision through Stamp Work printing, but also creates an irregular and rough feeling. The contrast will be more obvious through rubbing the silver jewelry.

The price has been maintained at the same price for more than seven years. However, due to the rising costs in recent years, WEST RIDE decided to fully adjust the price starting from the middle of this month after thinking for a long time. The individual price increases range from a few thousand yuan to 20,000 yuan. This time, for bookings made before this wave of increases, in addition to using the old price calculations , we also provide an additional 5% discount on bookings , which can be combined with membership discounts or birthday discounts. You can also use zero interest installments for official website shopping. If you have previously If you are paying attention to the WEST RIDE x LARRY SMITH series, please be sure to seize this pre-order opportunity!

  • Price adjustments are as follows:

Silver chain 11700 -> 13100
Pendant 14500 -> 15900
Bracelet 40000 -> 46500
Waist chain (XS: 46cm) 71900 -> 82800 A set in stock can be purchased with discount. Waist chain (S: 53cm) 82800 -> 97300
Waist chain (M: 60cm) 93700 -> 111800
Waist chain (L: 67cm) 104600 -> 126400

  • Pre-order period: from now until 4/11
  • Scheduled arrival time: June-July this year
  • 5% off discount code: PREORDER
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