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MAY CLUB’s seasonal discounts and discounts are now available!

by May club 08 Apr 2021 0 Comments

Seasonal discounts before the arrival of a large number of spring and summer new products. Although it is the season of change of seasons, the temperature has still changed greatly recently. Even the items purchased through seasonal activities can still be put to use at any time, so seize the opportunity to come to the store. Take your favorite item home~

  • Event Period: From now until 4/12 (Monday)
  • Activities:
    • Discount method 1: When you come to the store to make purchases during the event, you can get a lucky draw opportunity with a single purchase of "no limit on amount". There are three discount awards of "40% off, 30% off, and 20% off", which can be used at "checkout" Use it directly, buy it now and get a discount , the winning rate is 100%, come and try your luck!
    • Discount method two: It is always said that the most beautiful scenery in Taiwan is the people. I would like to thank the many kind-hearted friends who have contributed within their capabilities to make the society warmer. If "I" hold a donation certificate for disadvantaged groups this month, and show the certificate to make purchases in the store during the event, the donation amount can be directly used for consumption discounts. "Single" donations can be used for "single" purchases and can be deducted. The amount can be up to 40% of the total consumption amount.
  1. When Xiao Ming purchases a product priced at NT$20,000 and presents a donation certificate of NT$8,000, 40% of the purchase price of NT$8,000 can be deducted, and he only needs to pay cash of NT$12,000.
  2. When Xiaohua comes to the store to purchase NT$5,000 worth of goods and shows proof of donation of NT$3,000, he can be credited with 40% of the purchase price of NT$2,000, and he only has to pay NT$3,000 in cash.

  • Special Note:
    1. Vintage items are not included in the event.
    2. In a single purchase, you can "choose one" of the two discount methods to use, which is only applicable to "ready goods in the store" and cannot be combined with other discounts.
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