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ADDICT CLOTHES 2021 autumn and winter pre-order starts

by May club 13 Mar 2021 0 Comments

There are all kinds of British leather jackets on the market, but Addict Clothes can still make many friends who own countless leather jackets addicted. This is all due to the owner Mr. Ishijima’s love for British antique leather jackets! He has collected and handled countless old British leather jackets and antique motorcycles. He is very familiar with the details of antique leather jackets and is recognized as an expert in this field.

Mr. Ishijima deeply understands that modern people’s requirements for leather clothing are different from those in the old days. From the emphasis on protection to the pursuit of fashion and comfort nowadays! Therefore, the owner went deep into #Tokyo's century-old leather factory to tan the leather, striving to achieve the perfect aged leather look in his mind! In terms of tailoring, through my love for riding motorcycles and many adjustments with the pattern maker, I was able to complete the tailoring that would not hinder movement. As long as customers and friends wear it, they will understand that the top-notch Addict_Clothes are different from other British leather jackets.

Many friends who have been shopping for leather jackets in recent months must have discovered that many leather jackets have not been produced this season, and they can only be ordered at a higher price if the right size is not available. In fact, last year we announced in advance that the styles of leather jackets sold in #spring, summer, autumn and winter will be different in the future.

The full styles to be launched next season are as shown in the picture, which are 01, 02, 03, 05, 07, 09, 09B, 10 and two women’s leather jackets 01W and 02W. If you want to buy these leather jackets but they are not in stock at the moment, just Join us for fall/winter pre-orders! In addition to no customization fees , you can also enjoy an additional 5% off pre-season booking discount ! (Can be combined with existing member discounts or birthday discounts)

Pre-order period: from now until 3/21 (Sunday)
Ordering method: Pay 1/3 deposit during the pre-order period, or pay the full amount online on the official website for installments (up to six installments)

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