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The long-awaited coupon event is here‼ ️

by May club 17 Feb 2021 0 Comments

MAY CLUB coupons have been issued and open for use in several previous events. They can be used according to the discount marked on the ticket. Even if they are not used up at the time, they can be kept until the next time they are opened for use. There is no set expiration date. It has been more than a year since the previous coupon event was held. This time, a two-stage limited-time event will be held until the end of the month , "distributed in the first five days and used in the next five days." Whether you already have MAY CLUB coupons or are new friends who don’t have coupons, please come and have fun together!

The first stage of the activity - issuing coupons

From 2/18 (Thursday) to 2/22 (Monday), during the event, if you purchase in-store goods or pre-ordered goods and pay in full, you will receive a coupon if the checkout amount reaches more than 10,000 yuan in a single transaction. Both in-store purchases and official website purchases can be included in the calculation , and personal discounts can be used as usual (such as birthday discounts for the birthday girl of the month or annual VIP membership discounts, etc.). If purchased online, the coupon will be sent together with the purchased item.

Coupon issuance rules:

  • If the checkout amount exceeds 10,000 yuan in a single transaction, you will receive a 20% discount coupon
  • If the checkout amount exceeds 20,000 yuan in a single transaction, you will receive a 30% discount coupon.
  • If the checkout amount exceeds 30,000 yuan in a single transaction, you will receive a 40% discount coupon.

Note: Only 1 coupon will be given for a single purchase. If the purchase of multiple items can be separated into different purchases, they can be calculated separately (for example: if you purchase a coat of 50,000 yuan, you can only get one 40% off coupon, but if If you purchase clothing worth 30,000 yuan and accessories worth 20,000 yuan, you can get a 30% discount coupon and a 40% discount coupon.)

The second stage of the activity - using coupons

From 2/24 (Wednesday) to 2/28 (Sunday), whether it is a coupon obtained in the first phase of the event or a coupon held previously, you can use it in the store! The scope of use is "spot goods", excluding Vintage, Helmet, and Atelier Cherry, and settlement is limited to "cash".

If the coupon cannot be used up during this event, it will have to wait until the next opening, and the opening time has not yet been determined.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. May Club reserves the right of final interpretation.

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