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Exhibition of the ultimate replica of the dreamy West Ride 1945xx!

by May club 09 Apr 2019 0 Comments

The WEST RIDE brand has been focusing on the fusion of Biker Style and classics for more than ten years since its establishment. With the rich knowledge of vintage clothes of the manager Mr. Nakai, he has unique insights into the production of single products!

"THE ORIGINAL" is a replica denim product line jointly produced by West Ride and the world-renowned denim factory CSF (Conners Sewing Factory), which takes the so-called replica denim to the extreme! Mr. Xiaozhong, the manager of CSF, has been extremely interested in denim since he was a child. He has come into contact with and repaired countless denims. His madness for antique denim is unparalleled. In order to produce products that are closer to the old ones, Our replica products, including machines, also strive to match the times, so we collect antique sewing machines from all over the world!

"THE ORIGINAL" includes the previous 1948 and 1955 series, as well as the 1945XX joint masterpiece that I will introduce to you this time!


1945XX is a denim product built during the Second World War in the 1940s. Friends who love antique denim must be familiar with Levi's of this era. In order to save materials at that time, the US government also set various restrictions on clothing production, including the rear waistband. The Paris buckle, the tacks on the crotch and pocket watch pockets were cancelled, the crotch buckle was replaced with a donut shape, and the main buckle was unified into a bay leaf and so on. In addition, the bag pattern on the back pocket is also hot stamped instead of sewing! The denim that was deliberately simplified at that time only existed for a few years, and was later called the WWII version.

All the unique details of the war version will be reinterpreted by West Ride to create a 1945XX that not only meets the simplified requirements of the government regulations of the era, but also has its own brand style!

It is worth mentioning that due to production limitations of the fabrics specially developed to make 1945XX, the number of global orders for 1945XX this time is also limited. This year there are only 1945XX denim pants. Those who want a jacket will have to wait a little longer, probably next year, and if there are other pants styles, they will have to wait until the year after that!

Many friends still ask about the originally launched 1948XX. This time, the older 1945XX is launched, which is also the war version loved by antique collectors. Whether you have missed it before or have plans to buy it in the near future, be sure to seize the good opportunity!

The Japanese exhibition will be completely moved to Taiwan. Minister Ota from West Ride will come to Taiwan to meet with you and will also bring our 7th anniversary joint product, so stay tuned! !

Make time for weekend activities and come to the store to participate!


4/12 (Friday) & 4/13 (Saturday) @ Taipei Store No. 7, Lane 24, Lane 325, Jianjian Road, Songshan District, Taipei City

4/14 (Sunday) @ Taichung Store No. 103, Section 4, Huanzhong Road, Nantun District, Taichung City

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