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ADDICT CLOTHES installment event starts in one week!

by May club 22 Apr 2019 0 Comments

In response to our seventh anniversary, in addition to organizing various activities, we have also received many inquiries from friends about the installment of Addict Clothes leather clothing. Calculating the time, if we use six months as before, it will be from April to September. After paying the monthly fee, you can expect to receive the leather jacket in October when the weather gets cooler. The timing is also great! (laughing)👏👏

During this week-long pre-order event, Addict Clothes' entire range of leather jackets can be customized. Whether it is a leather color choice other than regular black tea core sheepskin or black horsehide, or if the lining or sleeve length needs to be changed, you are welcome to come to the store to discuss!

It should be noted that in addition to the current inventory, the prices of leather jackets produced in Japan will be adjusted accordingly, and we must also adjust accordingly. Except for the AD-10, which remains unchanged, the prices of other styles will increase by about 3,000 yuan compared to the current price. , take advantage of the installment event to order and spread the payment over six months, so you can get it without any burden!

Addict Clothes' high standards of leather materials and meticulous workmanship have not only attracted numerous fans in Japan, but also several addicts in Taiwan who have purchased more than five pieces one after another! If you want good things, you don’t have to give in. Take advantage of the open installment period to buy it without any worries. You don’t have to always look at other people’s handsomeness. You can also own a top-notch British leather jacket made in Japan‼ ️


Event time: 4/20 ~ 4/26

Customizable leather color options are as follows:
Sheepskin - Black, White, Dark Blue, Vintage Blue, Turquoise Blue
Horsehide - black, brown

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