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2019 ADDICT CLOTHES Leather Clothing Installment Ordering Instructions

by May club 22 Apr 2019 0 Comments

The installment event, which is only open once a year, is running again, allowing more friends who love Addict Clothes to more easily purchase the top-notch British leather jackets made in Japan! Orders are expected to be received until 4/26 (Friday). You can pay in six monthly installments in cash, or come to the store to swipe your card for each installment. After the payment is paid in September, it is expected to arrive in October. You can wear it as soon as the weather gets cooler. !

The details of customization such as price, leather color type, changes in lining and sleeve length will be introduced one by one below.

Next season, Addict Clothes Japanese original factory styles will adjust their prices, which will also affect the customization part. The new prices are as follows:

  • Straight pull style: sheepskin 49000 / horsehide 52000, such as AD-01, AD-05, AD-08

  • Diagonal pull style: sheepskin 52000 / horsehide 55000, such as AD-02, AD-02L (extended version, adjustment ring moved backward), AD-03, AD-03L, AD-04, AD-09 (satin cloth lining)

  • Exceptions: sheepskin 55000 / horsehide 58000, such as AD-06, AD-09B (alpaca lining)

  • Exceptions: Sheepskin 65000 / Horseskin 68000, AD-10

There are 7 options in leather and color, as follows:

"Horse leather" has a charming luster and stiffness, and the leather strength is also high. Addict Clothes' original horse leather is semi-vegetable tanned, subverting the common impression of thick and stiff horse leather. It is tough but still maintains softness. It requires a hard acclimation period, but you can still move freely when wearing it. It is recommended to friends who like to develop the wrinkled texture of leather.

  • Color options: black, brown

The texture of "sheepskin" itself is extremely light and soft, and it is very comfortable for movement. It is highly recommended to friends who are buying leather clothes for the first time. The unique tanning and dyeing method of Addict Clothes makes it easier to wear the color changes of the tea core, emphasizing its own use. You can also develop a "New Vintage" with historical charm just like an antique leather coat!

  • Color options: Black, White, Dark Blue, Vintage Blue, Turquoise Blue

It is particularly important to note that the three blue colors of sheepskin will change next season (the picture below is a real shot of the new color in Addict Clothes Tokyo store). Dark Blue is close to black indoors, but it has a subtle color under the sun. Color changes; the color of Vintage Blue is also more calm and low-key; Turquoise Blue is used on sheepskin for the first time, which is a quite unique color configuration!

The leather colors of Addict Clothes are very attractive and textured. Generally, they only make black sheepskin and black horsehide in stock, and the other 5 leather colors are all custom-made. Since many of the colors that were previously ordered by friends are no longer available for ordering, even the colors that are currently available for customization may become extinct in the future. Friends who are interested in the colors that are open this time, please be sure to grab it!

There are three options inside:

  • The classic burgundy quilted lining is lightly quilted for warmth, and the sleeves are made of gray-toned rayon for easy on and off.

  • Black polyester fiber lining, high-strength scratch resistance, lightweight material can better adapt to Taiwan's climate.

  • Compressed wool plaid lining for maximum warmth, gray-toned rayon sleeves for easy on and off.

Sleeve length modification:

You can choose to increase or decrease the length by up to 3 centimeters to meet the needs of different body shapes. Since the sleeves of Addict Clothes are curved, which is a detail that makes wearing more comfortable, the sleeve length adjustment must be done by trimming the entire sleeve, not just shortening or shortening it. Lengthening is labor-intensive and time-consuming. If you have any doubts about your choice, please come to the store directly and the store staff will provide you with professional advice.

Customization fee:
    1. If the sleeve length is not modified, the price will be based on the selected style plus a customization fee of 6,000 yuan.
    2. If the sleeve length is modified, the price will be based on the selected style plus a customization fee of 7,500 yuan.
    payment method:

      From April to September, pay the current fee by cash or credit card in store before the end of each month.

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