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May Club 7th Anniversary and Artist Taiwan Tour 2019

by clubMay 24 May 2019 0 Comments

In the recent series of May club's seventh anniversary celebrations, of course CxTxM, Knuckle Master and Blackboots Iwamae-san cannot be missing! The three seniors have supported us at the fifth and sixth anniversary events. This visit to Taiwan is not only for the seventh anniversary of May club, but also brought joint items to congratulate our Taipei store for its relocation! Thank you very much for the strong support!

Friends who are not familiar with the three seniors can check out the following brief introduction. We guarantee that this event will be equally exciting. You are welcome to come to the store to enjoy it!

【Little Chop Design】

The senior figure in Japan's lowbrow art, Master Knuckle's design skills amaze everyone every time they see it! In recent years, Knuckle has become famous all over the world as a doll toy designer. At international toy fairs held in various countries, Knuckle's works are always quickly sold out. The exhibition held in Taiwan at the end of last month also had long queues. Kustom Kulture’s spray painting creations have caused a sensation, and the craze continues for a long time!

Detailed introduction:

【Cool Tattooing Masato】

One of the soul figures of Japanese American culture, he came to the United States alone at the age of 19. He was deeply influenced by the Chopper culture and also developed a unique world view. His designs and drawings are full of strong American style, and he has a unique style both at home and abroad. die-hard fans. He has been exposed to old Indians, old Harleys and Hot Rods since his early days. He also has an amazing collection of antique leather jackets and classic silver accessories, showing his unique charm. He is a highly respected icon!

Detailed introduction:


Blackboots is a clothing store that has been located in Nagoya for more than ten years. The manager, Iwamae-san, is also a well-respected senior in the local area. He specializes in the production of silver jewelry. The exquisiteness of his works has been chosen by many well-known brands and stores in the industry. Work together to create joint items! The previous five-year anniversary skull bracelet and six-week anniversary swastika pendant were also designed by CxTxM and produced by Blackboots! To this day, many friends who didn’t buy it at that time still ask about it~


The event will be held at the new location of our Taipei store for three days. We hope that both old friends who have been familiar with us before and new friends who have started to follow us recently can come and visit our new store :)

Date: 5/24 (Friday) ~ 5/26 (Sunday)
Time: 1 pm to 9 pm Location: No. 7, Lane 24, Lane 325, Jianjian Road, Songshan District, Taipei City

We will also expose relevant introductions to the event and limited co-listed products one after another. Please continue to follow our Facebook event .

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