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Retro 50s grotesque art style handmade patch - North No Name Brand Introduction

by May club 20 Mar 2019 0 Comments

Friends who like to collect special badges or are interested in tattoos and lowbrow art may have noticed this brand - North No Name (referred to as NNN).

The person in charge, Yu Horikawa, is extremely passionate about the weird-style old patch patches from the 1950s. The patches launched by the brand are also very reminiscent of the unique felt patch patches in post-war America. Of course, tattoos and knights are also common elements, and they are blended with deliberate design. The aged fabrics, retro paint colors and hand-painted childlike charm are combined with various sewing techniques such as hand sewing, chains, and single needles to internalize and sublimate the Vintage style.

Each patch resembles a reproduction of an old vintage product. You can even collect it as an art watch frame. Sewing it on clothing or accessories will make it look like a vintage piece. No wonder it attracts many Vintage enthusiasts. Fascinated!

Another important point of NNN patch is "absolute limited edition"; although each NNN patch is unique due to its handwork, it still insists on creating new patches every season and they are not the same as the previous styles. Repeatedly, it is also restricted that agent stores can only order one patch for each season's launch, which means that even if consumers like it no matter how much they like it, they cannot buy a second patch of the same style in the same store unless they go to other agent stores. Try your luck!

For some special events such as HRCS, NNN will also launch limited edition badges. We happened to be in front of the NNN booth before the opening of HRCS last year and saw with our own eyes the rush of people rushing to buy when the admission was opened. Even CxTxM also queued up according to the rules. Wait, it is really very popular and extremely precious. It can be said that if you miss it, you will miss it completely!

Because of the unique style and absolute rarity of his works, NNN has not only attracted attention from various brands or selection stores, but has also been invited to cross-border co-branding many times, such as potted plants, furniture, etc., and has cooperated in exhibitions, completely as an art creator His identity has attracted attention from all walks of life!

Now, we are officially the agent of North No Name this season and have introduced a series of the latest patch. As mentioned before, each style is only one, and there is no way to make it again after it is sold. Friends who like this old-fashioned Vintage style, please Be sure to keep following us!

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