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Japanese Pinstripe painted string master Psycho visits Taiwan for the second time!

by May club 08 Mar 2019 0 Comments

Master Psycho is an artist that West Ride has worked with for many years. Due to the environment, he has been fascinated by signature drawings since he was a child. In addition to his rich talents and decades of hard-core real kung fu, he has always been a highly respected senior in the industry!

Following the huge response caused by Xuan Feng's visit to Taiwan last year, this year we lived up to expectations and invited Master Psycho to come again to ring the first gong for the event at our new store~

Last year, many friends were unable to have Psycho san create due to time constraints. This year we have arranged five days. Please be sure to make sure you make the most of it and contact us in advance to make an appointment~

Taipei store:
3/15 (Friday) 18:00~21:00
3/16 (Saturday) 13:00~21:00
3/17 (Sunday) 13:00~21:00

Taichung store
3/18 (Monday) 13:00~21:00
3/19 (Tue) 13:00~21:00

" Psycho Character Introduction "
" Review of Activities in Taiwan Last Year "
" Free Biker Magazine Introduction "

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