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May club Taipei Minsheng new store is open for business!

by May club 01 Mar 2019 0 Comments

My friends from the north have kept us waiting for a long time! Come take advantage of the 228 consecutive holiday to visit our new Minsheng store in Taipei!

The new store in Taipei will open tomorrow. The new store is located near Xisong High School. From the old store, you can turn left from Citizen Avenue to Dongxing Road, then turn right to Nanjing East Road, turn left on Baoqing Street and go straight, and pass Jianjian Road 325 after Xisong High School. Turn right at Lane 24 and you'll get there, about ten minutes' drive.

【metro station】
The nearest MRT station is Exit 4 of Nanjing Sanmin Station on the Green Line. It takes about 15-20 minutes to walk and the taxi fare is less than 100 yuan.

【National Highway No. 1】
If you are a friend from out of town, take National Highway No. 1, get off at the Binjiang Street Interchange, and go straight to Tayou Road. After passing Yanshou Street, turn right and turn right at Tayou Road Lane 188 (along with Lane 325, Lane 24, Jianjian Road). The second intersection is Our store.

【National Highway No. 3】
Friends who take "National Highway No. 3" can get off Keelung Road and pick up Tayo Road, turn left onto Jianjian Road, turn right at Lane 325, Jianjian Road, and then turn right at Lane 24 to reach the destination.

The business hours of both Beizhong stores have also been updated! Please pay more attention.

Business hours: 01:00 pm - 09:00 pm
Store address: No. 7, Lane 24, Lane 325, Jianjian Road, Songshan District, Taipei City Tel: 0932541986

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