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MAY CLUB Revitalization Coupon Discount Increased by 1.2 Times

by May club 08 Oct 2021 0 Comments

The first batch of five-fold revitalization coupons will be distributed tomorrow. This time we are also holding a special physical store discount event for paper revitalization coupons. Friends who love high-quality Japanese clothing must not miss it!

During the activity:
10/08 ~ 12/31

The face value of the revitalization coupon is increased by 1.2 times, and can be used in conjunction with the original membership discount and birthday discount (note). If the amount is insufficient, the difference can be made up, but no change will be given.

Note: The total amount of the product should be used first to use its membership discount or birthday discount, and then deduct "revitalization coupon * 1.2 times" from the discounted amount, and the remaining part is the difference that needs to be made up.

Additional notes:

  1. The event is only applicable to "ready-stocked items in the store" and is not applicable to pre-ordered and restocked items.
  2. CxTxM, safety helmets and vintage items are not included in the event.
  3. Except for major defects, the product will not be returned or exchanged.

Reference example:
When Xiao Ming, who has a VIP qualification of 100,000 yuan, comes to the store to purchase jeans priced at 10,900 yuan and uses a 5,000 yuan stimulus coupon:

Amount of product after VIP 10% discount: 10900 * 0.9 = 9810 Yuan Revitalization Coupon can be discounted 5000 * 1.2 = 6000 Yuan 9810 - 6000 = 3810
In other words, Xiao Ming only needs to pay another 3810 yuan.

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