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Addict Clothes 2022 S/S Leather Jacket Important Information Announcement

by May club 22 Sep 2021 0 Comments

I believe that customers and friends who love Japanese brands are no strangers to the "pre-season reservation" activity, especially in stores that operate multiple brands at the same time. Faced with the dazzling product lines every season, it is impossible to buy every product. At this time, pre-season booking has become a way to ensure that every customer can get their favorite products. Recently, we also received a notice from Mr. Ishishima, the manager of Addict Clothes, mentioning that production will be suspended in the spring and summer of #2022 News about leather jackets in stock.

The reason is that in recent months, the Addict Clothes production line has been fully filled with orders for custom-made leather jackets from all over the world. In order to allow the craftsmen to focus more on the production of each customer-ordered leather jacket, Mr. Ishijima, the manager, does not have to rush the production line. Due to the production capacity, the quality of leather clothing has been compromised, so all dealers' orders for spot leather clothing in the spring and summer of 2022 have been cancelled.

Although there are currently no restrictions on customer orders for leather jackets, the lead time for bookings may be extended from 3 months to 4-5 months. This means that after our autumn and winter leather jackets arrive, the next time they are in stock will be in the autumn and winter of 2022!

Therefore, if you want to be able to wear Addict leather jackets this year, you must make good use of the current stock in our store. Of course, if the original factory has stock, we will try our best to help adjust the stock, but Japan is now entering the season of leather jackets. As long as it’s sold out, we really have to wait until next year! Friends who have customer needs, please contact us as soon as possible, otherwise there is no guarantee that the delivery date will be longer and longer~

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