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ADDICT CLOTHES Toyama store's fifth anniversary limited edition leather jacket is open for pre-order! !

by May club 01 Jan 2022 0 Comments

ADDICT CLOTHES opened ADDICT CLOTHES ARCHIVES in Toyama Prefecture five years ago. Its 100 square meters of spacious space is not only used as a store, but also has functions such as leather cutting, product inspection and storage. It is a milestone in expanding its global business.

To commemorate the opening of Toyama, AD-03CS was launched in dark blue with yellow upper arm bracelets. It was made of cowhide (Kip). The color scheme was inspired by one of the collections of antique leather jackets owned by the owner, Mr. Ishijima. It is very rare. Color matching is also a precious item that many experts are eager to acquire.

Therefore, the Toyama limited edition commemorative leather jacket launched many years ago was sold out without any surprise! And this time, in commemoration of the fifth anniversary of ADDICT CLOTHES ARCHIVES, customization is open again! !

The first generation leather jacket style AD-03CS was made of KIP cowhide, but this time it is made of its own classic SHEEPSKIN tea core sheepskin and HORSEHIDE horsehide. It is equipped with a black polyester fiber lining, which has high-strength and scratch-resistant properties. The thin material is comfortable and not stuffy. In addition to the yellow leather armbands on the upper arms, zipper pockets are also added on the lower arms.

Tea core sheepskin is a leather that Addict Clothes is very proud of. It is light and thick, and can be easily worn on its own to create an aged tea core feel like a real antique leather garment!

Horsehide is jointly researched by the owner and the Tokyo Centenary Leather Factory. Its texture is both soft and tough, and its shining luster is very charming!

After 5 years of continuous inquiries, the handsome leather jacket finally appears again. This may also be your last chance to buy it! Please be sure to grasp it!

Pre-order period: from now until 1/16 (Sunday)
Customized price: sheepskin 61,800 / horsehide 65,400
Customizable items: sleeve length increase or decrease (customization fee 3,000 yuan)
Estimated delivery time: approximately 6 months

Note: Only the sleeve length can be customized for this customization, and the rest cannot be changed.

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