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Taipei Minsheng Store, last business day notice this Sunday

by May club 16 Feb 2022 0 Comments

It has been three years since I moved to Minsheng Community from the East District. Although the last two years were during the epidemic, many Japanese friends came here in the first year, so I have no regrets about leaving!

Our lease will expire at the end of February, and the landlord wants to open a store for his son. The original plan was not to open a Taipei store for the time being. After all, every time we move, we spend a lot of money on decoration. Now, at this special time, we have to spend more money on decoration. It's really not right.

But in order to continue to serve our friends in the north, we just happened to find a suitable place to set up a studio before the Chinese New Year. We will adopt a reservation system in the future (I believe that everyone will gradually get used to the reservation system during this time). As for where the new place will be, I won’t say yet. disclose. This spot of Minsheng will be open until the 20th of this Sunday. Everyone is welcome to come back and visit in the next few days to take a souvenir!

<<Event information>>

To give back to all my friends, for the five days from today to Sunday (2/16-2/20), all current items in the Taipei store are 50% off and half price! Many of my friends in the club have come to pick it up. Today I will replenish the stock from Taichung, otherwise the fan club will feel empty due to the large number of fans. Welcome to the store to buy it first!

* Online inquiries and purchases are not available, in-store activities are cash only
* Please bring your own shopping bag, no packaging is provided, thank you.

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