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Chino The Man Red & Blue Release Information

by May club 19 Feb 2022 0 Comments

Following the black version, this time there is a red and blue two-color Chino The Man. The red style is exclusive to the Taipei store, and the blue style is exclusive to the Taichung store. It was originally scheduled to be sold in the store, but it happened that the current location of the Taipei store is only open until This Sunday, the new studio location has not yet opened, so after careful consideration, we decided to adopt an online lottery instead.

IG share for Lottery‼ ️

There are 40 blue and 40 red people on sale this time, for a total of 80 people. (Winners will be sent randomly without picking colors) From now until 23:00 tonight, share this sale article on May club IG in your limited time feed and tag @ mayclubtw . It will start at 12:00 noon tomorrow. Notify the winners in sequence

Note: Please set your account to "Public" before sharing to facilitate account content review) Store pickup is not available, and the payment will be sent via home delivery. Shipping to Taiwan is NT$2,200. (Other regions will provide the remittance amount based on shipping costs)

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