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ADDICT CLOTHES 2022 Autumn and Winter leather jackets are now available for pre-order!

by May club 21 Feb 2022 0 Comments

Fans who love Addict leather jackets have been waiting for a long time! The pre-order activity for ADDICT CLOTHES' autumn and winter leather jacket series starts today. I believe friends who have been paying attention know that due to its extremely high popularity around the world, the leather jacket production line is full. In addition to suspending the production of spring and summer regular leather jackets, Mr. Ishijima also The delivery time for customer-ordered leather clothing has also been extended from 3 months to 4-5 months. It is expected that the production capacity will be able to keep up this autumn and winter, so leather clothing pre-orders will be reopened.

However, with the collateral impact of the epidemic, Japanese original manufacturers will also increase product pricing in the next quarter in response to the increase in leather costs. Considering the recent low Japanese yen exchange rate, we have decided to maintain the current price for this pre-order event and participate in the quarterly sale. Friends who have pre-ordered in advance can enjoy special discounts. If the exchange rate rises again when the autumn and winter leather jackets arrive in Taiwan, we will adjust the price accordingly. Therefore, friends who like leather jackets must seize this pre-order opportunity!

The leather jacket styles open for pre-order this time, in addition to some classic and fixed styles, there are also new leather jackets that are worthy of attention. We will introduce them one by one in the community in the future! The pre-order period only ends this Sunday. If you want to buy your favorite Addict leather jacket this winter, you are welcome to come to the Taichung store directly. Friends who are inconvenient to come to the store, please be sure to pay close attention to the introduction of each style in the ADDICT CLOTHES Facebook group ~

Pre-order period: from now to 2/27 (Sunday)
Pre-order discount: 95% off (members can enjoy an additional 5% off the member price)
Ordering method: Pay 1/3 deposit during the pre-order period, or pay the full amount online on the official website for installments (up to six installments)

Facebook ADDICT CLOTHES NEW VINTAGE TAIWAN club has more introductions and sharing, join now!

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