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Official website SALE area, available for a limited time of five days

by May club 09 Jul 2018 0 Comments

The Taipei store will not be open today and tomorrow. Coupled with the upcoming strong typhoon attack, not only are pre-preparations necessary for typhoon prevention, but strong winds and heavy rain are also not suitable for going out to play! Go to our official website in your spare time and move your fingers! We have specially set up a "SALE" section. Whether you have won money these days and want to find a place to spend it, or lost money and want to find a place to vent, just click in!

There will be product changes in the SALE area every day, so please check the official website every day! (laugh)

The event only lasts until 7/13 (Friday), so you can calm down and prepare for the semi-finals on the weekend! In short, act quickly when you see an item you like, and don’t miss out on the great seasonal discounts!

Seasonal discount period: from now until 7/13 (Friday)
SALE area:

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