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MAY CLUB 6th Anniversary & CxTxM TAIWAN TOUR 2018

by May club 17 May 2018 0 Comments

The highlight of MAY CLUB's 6th anniversary celebration, when CxTxM and his team came to Taiwan, has finally arrived! Including the KNUCKLE master's inkjet painting, and BLACK BOOTS, our three-party joint list appears, don't miss it this time in a year!

Arrive in Tainan on the afternoon of 5/25 and expect to meet you at CANDID CRAFT at 6pm
5/26 Friends from Central China, we will be at MAY CLUB Taichung store at 2 p.m.
5/27 Just like last year, we will be at BRAVO ZULU TATTOO at 2pm

This time we are not in Taipei. Friends from the north, please pay attention. We will continue to announce the details in the FB event . See you next weekend!

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